Chit Thu Wai made donations to both temples for her birthday

Singer-actor Chit Thu Wai is loved by all because of his cute gestures and pure images. She became a successful actress and devoted her time to music after the birth of her daughters.

She has a happy family life with her beloved husband, singer Lin Lin. A modern foundation has been set up to treat children with congenital heart defects, and schools have been donated to villages.

Today, August 10, is Chit Thu Wai’s birthday. Chit Thu Wai, who has been making donations since the days before her birthday, made her first donation for her birthday in Bago Yoma, Kyauktaka Township. Donations were made for the construction of a library for a small primary school in Kone Myint Thar Village (12 miles).

Her second donation was to the nunnery, where she donated rice bags and other necessities. Fans praised her for donating pictures with her husband, even though she is a non-believer.

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