Khaing Hnin Wai talks about a woman who sheds tears by donating to small groups

Khaing Hnin Wai is an active philanthropist who runs a private orphanage and cares for orphans. He also personally donates to places of need, and is a regular contributor to the needy in the art community.

She said she shed tears when she donated, and there were times when people who donated to her orphanage shed tears. This time, she shared the story of a woman who donated $ 2,000 a day to her orphanage with the money she had saved for years.

Khaing Hnin Wei said, “Today, I am very happy to see a donor who brought tears to my eyes when I donated to my shelter.” I’ve met people who used to cry for joy when I donated, and now I meet people who cry for donating to me. I respect you, ”she shared on her Facebook page.

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