Kyaw Htet Aung, who responded to the love rumors that came out with criticism

Kyaw Htet Aung has received a lot of support from fans since Myanmar Idol Season 1. From there, he made a name for himself and is now making big films as a lead actor. Many of his films have been screened and some have yet to be screened.

Kyaw Htet Aung’s love story was posted on a popular social networking site Facebook, which has been criticized by fans.

“Whether everything is true or not,” he said. True or false, he has his perspective. I had a boyfriend before I did anything. Now he is married. Criticism has been around since Myanmar idol (Season-1). I didn’t feel anything on it, but it did.

As an artist, you are also an artist, so you have a responsibility to show how ordinary people should deal with such situations, so I try to find ways to deal with them. ”

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