Shwe Hmun Rati, who was very good at writing when she was young, but explained why she did not pass the exam when she was in the 10th grade

Shwe Hmun Rati, a beautiful actress, entered the art nursery at a young age as an actress. She is now one of the most successful actresses in the art world.

She has a happy marriage with singer Shwe Htoo and is singing good songs not only as an actress but also as a musician with the help of her husband. This is how she felt about entering the art world at a young age and missing out on education and failing the tenth grade.

Shwe Hmun Rati said, “I am very saddened by the failure to pass the tenth grade. Now I am thinking of answering. Now that the winning list is out, I would like to congratulate both the winners and the losers. There is no need to worry about failing tenth grade. Do not give up, keep trying. As long as you are willing to try, there are still many opportunities to try. You just have to be willing to try. If you do not want to try, you can do nothing. The main thing is to take care of your parents.

The fact that the sand was demolished because they did not pass the 10th grade is also motivating the students to return to the 10th grade. Even now, I can still read scripts, so I think I still have a brain that can read.

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