Sein Le Yadanar, Nay Chi Oo’s sister, sadly informed that she failed the 10th grade exam

Actor Beauty blogger Nay Chi Oo has already introduced a lot to her sister Sein Le Yadanar and her fans. Unlike her sister, Sein Le Yadanar is different and cute, so there are no art activities, but the fans are cheering her on.

Sein Le Yadanar is a university entrance exam taker, and today Sein Le Yadanar sadly informs those who want to know about her exam results. “I’ve encouraged myself and I want to make a green update for those who want to know. Due to Sein Le’s weaknesses, she did not pass this year’s exam.

I was not smarter than I was. We apologize for the inconvenience. I will try my best to answer. I am very encouraged by the willingness and concern of those who have failed. ”

Sein Le Yadanar sadly informed those who were waiting for her exam results. May a stranger learn from his past mistakes and do his best to pass next year’s exam. I wish all the readers a happy day.

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