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More than Zeray, who recounted how she had struggled from homelessness to owning this golden continent

The handsome actor has made many films and videos and is currently on hiatus. As we all know, he was more self-reliant than the handsome Prince Zeray and struggled from the bottom up until he became a prince.

Zaire, on the other hand, described how he struggled to get from having only 200 bucks in his hand. “I have been punished for not having money before,” he said. How do you make a living with 200 bucks tomorrow? It is more difficult in Yangon. When I first started acting, I only had a packet of dry noodles and a bundle of lobster. I have been through such things.

In the countryside, there are some who have to save at least 150 kyat for a small meal in the morning. So I learned the value of money. I had to work hard to earn some money. Save money. Everyone loves a brand. I bought one brand of belt for the event, and as an actor, I bought it because it was essential for the event. I stopped buying everything that came out.

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