Smiley tells the story of her grandfather, Prince Kyaw Pe, who wanted her to do business instead of art

I think the audience will be familiar enough with the actress-actress Smile without having to introduce her to everyone. He is not only involved in philanthropy but also in religion.

Smiley is married to her grandmother, actress Daw Khin Lay Swe. He has a happy family life with his two daughters. She recently joined the church with her husband for a while and is currently involved in charity and devotion to religion.

Smile is of artistic descent, but her grandfather, Prince Kyaw Pe, openly said she did not want her to do art. “I miss my grandfather’s grandfather who wanted his grandson not to be an artist but to be in business,” she said, sharing a photo from her 1957 love story of her grandfather, Prince Kyaw Pe, and actress Myint Myint Khin.

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