Tun Tun recounts his memories of starring in his first national film 14 years ago

Tun Tun was first cheered on by the rapper Examplez. At the moment, he is more focused on acting than music. He has won many awards for his role in the music industry, as well as for his role in the film “Brick and Grass” for the 2016 Best Actor Award.

The movie “Mother of Good Son” was aired on Myanmar TV in 2006. NATO Sai Sai Kham Hlaing and Tun Tun starred together in the movie “Son of a Good Son” 14 years ago, and in 2019, they co-starred in the movie “Star in the Sky”.

Actor Tun Tun says that one of the most memorable films for him when he entered the acting world from the music industry was “Mother of a Good Son”. It is said that the film was a chance to learn from some of the veteran artists involved in the film.

“A good mother-son story” filmed in 2006 for the benefit of the state. This is Ko Ko Tun Tun’s first national film. Four paintings by U Soe Moe; I had the opportunity to meet and learn from real legends like Lay Nyein Oo. U Lwin Moe; U Zin Win; I had the opportunity to act with veterans like Ma Gyi Soe. I had the opportunity to learn. I started with Baka and now my youngest son is a bachelor, ”he wrote on his Facebook page on August 16 at around 11pm.

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