Kyaw Min Oo talks about a small thing he has never done in his life

Kyaw Min Oo, a famous Myanmar national football player, has a handsome appearance like a prince. Kyaw Min Oo retired from football for a long time due to a knee injury

He spends a fair amount of time on football and art. Kyaw Min Oo does not make movies, but he can be seen in many commercials.

I think the audience has noticed that Kyaw Min Oo acted in Phwe Phwe’s own brand advertisement, SYKO Brand. When Kyaw Min Oo first met Phwe Phwe, he said, “I rarely said I would take a court photo. I can’t live without seeing my mother-in-law anymore ”️ ”

When Kyaw Min Oo met the famous actress Phwe Phwe, she was not interested in photography, but she was reminded of taking a souvenir photo. I think the audience will also like the memorable image of Kyaw Min Oo and Phwe Phwe. I wish all the readers a happy day

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