Singer Ne Win talks about his life situation that changed because he was with his loved ones

Singer Ne Win is a singer of snare and has released a solo album as a group. He is a young fan and is now on the path to success.

Ne Win is the founder of Traveler Blogger Eain Chit Chaw and has been dating for a decade. Fans are envious of their love journey as they go through understanding and love for each other.

This time, Ne Win talks about how his life changed because he was with his loved ones at the release of singer Ye Yint Aung’s solo album. Ne Win said, “Some things have changed because of beauty. My appearance is different from before. In the past, I was a little bad. Lots of food. There were also fights. As the years went by, I gradually became more and more obsessed with her. I’m not comfortable with myself, so I tend to cut down on some things.

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