Ye Yint Aung said that even her lover could not accept her hair change

Ye Yint Aung was known to the audience through the song “My Place”. He is now a successful singer in the music industry with a strong following. His first solo album, “The Ghost Dog” was released in 2014. His second solo album, G.O.A.T, will be released on August 18, 2020.

Ye Yint Aung said that when she changed her hair style, her boyfriend Ein Yein Phyu could not even remember seeing him suddenly. Ein Yein Phyu told the media that she liked the neat style.

“When I met him the day after I changed my hairstyle, he still could not accept being brave. He said he could not accept being brave enough to meet him suddenly. He really likes to be neat and tidy. “But when he joined me, he started wearing cocaine.”

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