Htet Htet Moe Oo’s older brother Htet Htet Naing, who expressed his feelings that he could not even reach his father’s last moment

Htet Naing Aung is the older brother of Htet Htet Moe Oo and is entering the art world for the second time. He has been in the art world since 2001 and is returning for the second time more than three years ago. He is crazy about art and is working hard on acting.

He expressed his feelings about his father’s death on August 18. Actor Htet Naing said, “My brothers and sisters spent more than a month at Mandalay Mingalar Hospital. I took good care of it. My father had a history of high blood pressure, but it was not obvious. I had to have a machine because of a heart attack. The lungs are also bad. Diabetes has never been seen before and is now available at the hospital. At first, I was taken to a hospital in Mandalay, so I went back to Mogok for a while because of work. At that time, they transferred my father to a hospital in Rangoon. It was a comfortable time, and not everyone expected this to happen. I think it will get better. He died unexpectedly.

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