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Phyu Phyu Htwe donated as much as she could to a playwright who came to ask for help

Phyu Phyu Htwe is a person who is not burdened to take others with him as he becomes successful. He used difficult characters in the commercials he received and helped in one way or another.

With a good attitude, Phyu Phyu Htwe wrote and shared her donation to a drama artist yesterday. “As soon as the filming came back, the baby came into the house.” What do you have to say? He showed me the card and told me that it was a problem ဖြူ .. Phyu Phyu played as much as she could. ”

Phyu Phyu Htwe used to say in interviews that she is ready to help anyone who is really in a difficult situation by telling the truth. Yesterday, as soon as Shutin returned

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