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Tenzar Maw proudly talks about her interview while applying for a job in London

Tenzar Maw, who sang a lot of popular songs with a strong voice, disappeared from the audience for a while and returned to music only a few years ago. When the songs were re-released due to their natural talent, the audience was very enthusiastic with songs such as “Guest” and “Puthu Zin”.

Tenzar Maw, who lived in London during his disappearance, shared some of his experiences while in London today. I tried to quit my job when I started playing golf at home in the early part of Saturday, 2007 in London. When asked to hire the manager of a single store only once, he simply asked, “Do you have a good reputation? Do you have a bad reputation? ” That

“I have a good name,” he replied, staring into his eyes. He replied, “Yes, I will ask the bystanders.” “Ask anyone you like,” he replied, raising his face slightly. Early the next morning, he called back and proudly shared, “It’s important to have a name as a person” with the caption, “You’ve been hired full time.”

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