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Thiha Aung confesses to being Phyu Phyu Htwe’s true fan

Thiha Aung, one of the new generation of handsome princes, is also a supporter of the Madi girls. Thiha Aung is currently filming a series of photoshoots, commercials and music videos.

Recently, Thiha Aung was filming with Phyu Phyu Htwe. Phyu Phyu Htwe, who is very active and cute, is now writing screenplays and shooting commercials and is quite successful. Thiha Aung and Phyu Phyu Htwe To have just done their first art work together and they did their best with fun.

In interviews with the media, Thiha Aung said he regularly watched Phyu Phyu Htwe’s news and first saw Phyu Phyu Htwe’s Facebook account. Phyu Phyu Htwe is also one of his idols. Most people are the first to see what they are interested in, such as their favorite artist, news page, and so on. Thiha Aung said that Phyu Phyu Htwe was happy because he saw the Facebook account first.

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