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Phyu Phyu Htwe told the actors that she was not the one who called the actors and did not bargain

Phyu Phyu Htwe is a huge success in the art world in a short time. She is also the screenwriter and host of several promotional videos. Recently, the media responded to a misunderstanding with some actors.

Phyu Phyu Htwe replied, “As a screenwriter, I do not call the actors myself, except to tell them on the phone that I want to know the script.” Because I don’t call the actors myself, because I am a screenwriter, I can only focus on the script. My sister called the actors. Sometimes my sister would show me pictures. Sometimes, while using Facebook on my own, this caricaturist went with this character. Sometimes I was told to call my mother. ”

“I called Mama Yun Shwe Yee for the first time. It’s not a big call. But I always told her that I deleted it and it didn’t match the story. There are many reasons not to call. I wrote the story of Mahema Man Win and the big mobile commercial that day. I wrote the script at 12 o’clock at night and asked her to call the actors. I asked for help because I wanted someone who came here and acted. ”

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