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A rabbit is planning to donate to hundreds of motorcyclists before their birthday

The rabbit, who has been helping the needy from her art fund, said she plans to make a large donation before her upcoming birthday.

The rabbit was born on September 13th, and on his birthday, he announced on his social media account that he would donate to four religions as usual. “I would like to make a small donation for the elderly people who are struggling with the market and the elderly, the teachers who ride bicycles. What I want to do more than a month ago will be implemented now. I want to focus on my birthday.”

My birthday is September 13. On my birthday, I will donate to four traditional religions. I will donate my birthday as soon as I can. No one accepts donations. This donation is aimed at the 1st day of the 9th day of the 9th month. I want to donate to at least 200 people. What else do you need? Ko Ayar Si is encouraging us to sell lottery tickets. The main thing is to donate lottery tickets

If the lottery shops come and help as sponsors, it will be more than 200 people who donate four small and big prizes more than they need. It is expected to grow out of 300. For that reason, I will enter the 10 Dhammas next Wednesday. I do not ask for anything I want to be or my difficulties. I will pray for my helpers to win big and small prizes. Let us all pray together. ” He then gave details of his donation plan.

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